15000 Leaders Trained In Guatemala

Join us April 24 In Your Neighborhood

Ever wake up and think “I want to be a history maker?”

I used to – I spent the last 20 years praying, believing and “One-Day-ing”.
Now I just check my newsfeed to see what my friends are doing. And find my next chance to invest time, money and influence to help them.
And when invited, I do it in person. #justADayInTheLife
Believe it or not, there’s a whole lot of positive change happening out there. (Just read this report my friend Ajit Mathew George shared from Bill & Melinda Gates)
But we wouldn’t know it from watching Constant Negative News.

Ajit George is the organizer for TEDxWilmington 2012-present. Collectively TEDxWilmington talks have exceeded 1 Million views on YouTube. www.TEDxWilmington.com
So if you’re open to an alternative, open to hope, open to change, read on.
BTW – if you haven’t already read my prior posts on history-making initiatives in latin america you can read them HERE and HERE.
And if you want the full backstory, you can access Leadership Lessons from Guatemala here. I coauthored it 3 years ago with 20 of my fellow coaches, translators, and NGO directors. Since then we have impacted over 500,000 people there.


So today I woke up to see this update from Mark Cole. The nations of Guatemala and Paraguay are in a friendly competition to see which country can accelerate transformation across the land.

Mark Cole is the CEO across John Maxwell's enterprises. And an incredible mentor to me and my colleagues too.
This is not the sort of “transformation” we see in larger countries like the USA every 4 years. Where every election leaves half the people elated and the other half despondent.
  • This is better.
  • Bottom-up, inside-out.
  • True transformation.
Lest you think I am part of some cult, just relax.
This isn’t about imposing beliefs on people.
Instead – we empower people with just enough information to become aware of their power to change for the better – and the confidence to take small actions.
Enjoying this? Keep reading for an opportunity to bring transformation to your community.


Here’s a quick timeline in case you don’t have time to follow all the links I put here 🙂 I know we scan on social, and that’s fine. Scan on.
So it all started with Guatemala – they invited John Maxwell – whose publisher recently verified has published word-for-word 3 times more leadership content than anyone else in history – to do an unprecedented transformation initiative there.
ROUND TWO: Early 2016
The next nation to open its doors was landlocked Paraguay in South America. We quickly trained 20000 people that week and in a much smaller nation it spread quickly.
ROUND THREE: Summer 2016
Both Guatemala and Paraguay committed to training all of their educational staff – superintendents, principals and teachers. For a rollout in 2017 to impact all students.
The students age ~5-18 are participating in roundtables. And given the opportunity to initiate and lead roundtables of their own to spread the virality of this positive transformation.
Unlike declining western societies who have a negative birth rate (lots of college, student loans, fewer kids), these countries have a huge youth population, easily 10% of each country will be impacted this year alone.
They will be leading the way and impacting the globe in transformation within the decade.


So while this movement begins with an awareness of our ability to add value to other people, it doesn’t end there. Because when leaders add value to other leaders it becomes a multiplier.

Carolina's story is in Leadership Lessons From Guatemala page 60.
[Thanks Carolina Donis for your coverage of this event]
Last year we saw what happens when 2 countries try to out-do each other in adding value to their citizens. We saw both nations train all of their educational workforce – every superintendent, every principal, every teacher – to add value to their student with a simple methodology.
That initiative is still rolling out – and every single student in these nations is in the process of being empowered to make a difference in 2017. This year.
But that just wasn’t enough.
If you’re intrigued, read on. We’re bringing this back home this April.


Don’t take it from me – the pictures from John Maxwell’s executives say it all.
[Thanks Mark Cole for your coverage of this event]
For Guatemala’s President Jimmy Morales, this simply is not enough.
Where can you go when everyone under the age of 18 is being transformed?
  • You go for everyone over 18.
  • You go for the leaders.
  • You go for the mayors and governors.
So less than 4 years after my fellow coaches, John Maxwell, and I stood on the stage of the largest arena in Guatemala City to rollout the transformation initiative, President Morales filled the 15000 seat stadium again. This time with the mayors and governors in the land.

Tom Otley serving with the John Maxwell Leadership Foundation with this initiative.
[Thanks Thomas Otley for your coverage of this event]
So this is how you add value to a nation. You find people to add value to who can also quickly empower others, because they are already highly influential.
Keep your eyes peeled because I have no doubt that Paraguay will be responding with an equally or even more shocking strategy to up level their initiative too.
Here’s the part where you can act - if you want transformation bad enough.


This is all fun to read and applaud.
But if you’d actually like to make history where you are, and not render my opening of this note to be mere clickbait, I want to invite you to make a difference with us.


What are you talking about Nathan you ask – I mean it – let’s make a difference – a BIG difference – together. I will give you an opportunity to partner with John Maxwell – wherever you are – to make that difference.

The John Maxwell Global Youth Initiative brings transformation back to wherever you live - IF you act soon.
I’m serious about making a difference. And partnering with others to make that difference.
I’ve written books, published articles, reached out to leaders in business, government, education. I’m doing absolutely everything that I can to partner with others to make that difference.
And in a moment I’m going to give you a specific way that – if you choose to make that difference – you can respond. And it won’t cost you a cent.
I’m going to call your bluff – because I know that you know plenty of kids under the age of 18. You serve at a school, or a non profit, or a faith institution.
You serve them because you want to help them. So do I.


And for just one week this spring, we’re going to partner with people just like you all over the world to make that difference.
The Global YouthMAX Initiative is a one week event April 24–30 2017 in which a certified John Maxwell Team member can partner with you to impact the kids on your street, in your faith community, in your school.
What could happen when kids – who might be struggling with their self-esteem, relationships, purpose, not to mention today’s unprecedented challenges – hear a message of empowerment, and an invitation to join a movement of other youth making a difference all over the world?

What does your community need?

Almost every community has dozens of tragic stories stemming from issues like these – which are largely preventable through awareness and a little compassion.
Is it?
  • Self-Esteem?
  • Anti-Bullying?
  • Personal Initiative?
  • Confidence & Empowerment?
  • Or fill in the blank.
We can help. But ONLY if you act now.


You’re thinking – Nathan I don’t live in Delaware. I live really far away from you.
No problem. You know why? Because we have THOUSANDS of coaches in every nation on the planet (or we will soon!).
MY OFFER to you – regardless of where you live:
Now as you may know I’m out of town on a 10 day trip west in Idaho & Wyoming. But the time is getting shorter. April is coming up – FAST.
So I set my alarm & carved out a couple hours early this morning to give you an opportunity.
If you choose to join me, my colleague Gina Watts, and thousands of others worldwide this April – and if you are prepared to ACT NOW – you can bring this global transformation right back to your city, your neighborhood, your school, your faith community.
If you –
1. COMMENT on this post your #1 youth challenge area (Self Esteem / Anti Bullying / Personal Initiative) as well as your city / state / country –
2. I will CONNECT you to someone who is in your backyard – who is John Maxwell Certified – and just looking for the right person (YOU) to join forces with to impact the youth in your community.
NOTE: Unfortunately In my own community of Delaware / PA I can only allocate resources to serve 2 organizations that week – and I’m committed to making those 2 events count.
Will you join me? Will you take action right now?
Let’s make a difference – and change the world together – TODAY.
PS – just a little extra – for you analytical types who want to know the HOW of transformation…


We do this through a simple methodology – one that has been used very successfully in medical environments to effect change.
Roundtables. (Or “mesas redounds” as they are known in espanol.)
The brilliance of the roundtables is that they give every participant a voice.
Everyone is HEARD.

Thanks to Dr. Frederick T. Faison of Lincoln University. 1/29/17 Willowdale Chapel 9AM Service
And when you have a voice and are heard – you also are empowered. You take responsibility. You own your decisions.
You create a plan. You communicate your plan. You execute on that plan. And then you report your results to the group.
And if you didn’t accomplish your goals? The group applauds you anyway.
The roundtable methodology removes social shaming and performance anxiety from the mix. And this frees people to become their best self, little by little over time.
It’s simple. It’s brilliant. It’s empowering. It’s world changing.