Don’t Miss #TEDxWILM in 2017!

Ajit George & the TEDxWilmington Team

No worries – keep reading to see what happened – and how you can avoid missing out of several amazing upcoming events in 2017.


You’ve probably heard of TED talks – the ~15 minute lectures you can find on YouTube.

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TED is an acronym for Technology Entertainment and Design. If you’ve seen a presentation from folks like Bill Gates or Al Gore chances are it’s a TED talk.

While TED is limited to select events throughout the globe, about 5 years ago they created TEDx.

This TEDx license allows the same type of talks on Technology, Entertainment, Design or similar Ideas Worth Spreading.

TEDx is a locally run license given to organizers in specific locations. So wherever you live, there’s probably at least one TEDx near you.


Here in Wilmington Delaware we’ve been having a renaissance of TED talks – here’s why…

In 2016 the TEDx Wilmington team coordinated 8 events with 99 speakers and 1500+ tickets sold – right here in Downtown Wilmington DE. And TEDx approved 9 events for 2017, the first of which happens mid February.

Thanks @DowntownWIlmingtonDE for including @TEDxWilm in your summary!

(Frankly, there’s a lot to be excited about in #netde. Just consider these Leadership Lessons from Mike Purzycki – Mayor of the City of Wilmington’s first ribbon cutting at Coffee Mode last week.)


Ajit Mathew George has been the TEDxWilmington organizer since 2011. He has organized over a dozen events in that time.

The latest meeting wasn’t a lecture format – instead it was a vision & volunteer meeting.

Over 100 enthusiasts registered for the TEDxWilmington meeting at the
Wilmington Public Library.

TEDx Volunteer Sellout

We enjoyed a sellout crowd, a high end spread courtesy of Mrs. Snyder’s Market Café and a generous supply of wine to share.*

*Ajit leads the local chapter of the American Wine Society First State Wine Guild but that is another story.


Ajit started the meeting with a few highlights from TEDx Wilmington 2011-2016.

In addition to the talks themselves, one of the powerful benefits of being a TEDx alumni is the impact of one’s talk on one’s personal and professional brand. It seems like everyone quickly recognizes TED and TEDx.

The iconic sight of the red circular carpet with giant TED letters in the background is hard to miss.

It’s hard not to instantly recognize a TED or TEDx talk.

Ajit recognized several TEDx alumni who have spoken throughout the past 6 years of TEDx Wilmington –

Robyn Odegaard (pictured above)


Yolanda Schlabach

And several others who came.

TAHIRA Akua TAHIRA shares her experience speaking at TEDx Wilmington 

Having the perspective of several #TEDxWilmington alumni at the meeting added a compelling reason why the team does this. To promote Ideas Worth Spreading.

(Other 2016 alumni included Senator Chris Coons, Mary Manin Morrissey, and Pritika Mehta who organized @TEDx Chandigarh last weekend from India.)

The replay link is below!

Ajit then took some specific questions from the audience, including the live streaming audience on Facebook.

The replay link is below in the text.


These are exciting times for our local tribe. Because of our enormous growth we have an opportunity to expand our volunteer team.

One by one current members of the volunteer team were invited up to speak. Each member shared what they do and how we can help.

Bob Turner is our Volunteer Coordinator and is the first contact for anyone wanting to spread great ideas from the TEDxWilmington stage.

If you missed the meeting, you can access the volunteer form on our website.

Or replay the FaceBook Live replay here:

Ken Grant connecting with other TEDxWilmington enthusiasts

So join the TEDxWilmington team (including Ken Grant pictured above) at one, more, or all of their events in 2017.


I’m encouraged to see so many others coming together to inspire great ideas – and to showcase 100 more brilliant people in the year ahead.

What is your favorite TED or TEDx talk?

Post a link in the comments so we can enjoy it with you!


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