Easier Than You Think

Which kind of person are you? Optimist, pessimist or realist?

Optimists are often accused of oversimplifying situations and focusing on the good almost to a fault. The older I get the more I notice the consequences of such thinking. Often they enjoy ease, success, and extra rewards for their seemingly superficial thinking.

I used to admire realistic or pessimistic thinking and then I got tired of being so crabby and jaded all the time. Life is too short!

If you also esteem realism or pessimism, I suggest you learn optimism and start giving yourself the benefit of the doubt. Because you may call it “realism” but much of your inner state is filled with doubt. A lot of it.

Recently I have come to admire the optimists. I’ve lived life as a realist and it’s just so much more fun to believe the best and not limit myself with negative thinking.

But the negative thinking is still there. Maybe you’ve also found this to be true also. Old habits die hard.

So I’m retaliating with a series of empowering beliefs that I strategically use to pump up positive emotions. I also disengage my complex brain by focusing on this presupposition*.

Here it is – “It’s Easier Than You Think”

That’s the idea. I tell myself this whenever I face a negative feeling. Again, it’s a presupposition.* What if the true reality is that it’s easy?  What if I was actually making a simple thing hard? That would be horrible. Let’s go back to all of the times we’ve hit walls or backed into corners. How many of those actually had workable solutions that we simply couldn’t see? If we talked more positively to ourselves, would that keep us going the extra step to discover solutions?

So as my own awareness and effectiveness grow, I want to help many other people break free of limiting beliefs like “it’s too hard”. Because it’s easier than you think.

If we really focus in on this question, the followup question is intuitive and empowering. We have to ask “HOW is it easier than I think? What am I missing here?” This type of questioning leads us to real solutions and creativity. It’s an open-ended question that can be answered in any way. That answer needs to be tried out. There is often an abundance of answers for us to explore.

So the situation changes from being locked in a lose-lose situation (“it’s just too hard”), to having several options to try before stumbling upon the ones that work.

It’s easier than you think. Use it today!

*a presupposition is a tool that helps us unlock our minds. It is a belief that may or may not be true in reality. When acted upon as if it were true, it can lead us into productive action.

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