High Touch vs. Low Margin:

Solutions for Business Owners

Growing up in a small community before the birth of the internet, I didn’t fully appreciate how truly blessed I was. Or how soon life would change.

Today, face-to-face businesses are getting rarer in an increasingly virtual world. Despite the growth of the internet and the virtual business economy, brick-and-mortar small businesses are the heart and soul of our communities. And these increasingly rare “high touch” businesses make a huge difference in our quality of life.

Face to face businesses like our:

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Veterinarians
  • Chiropractors
  • Accountants
  • and so many more

Maybe you’ve noticed that these “face to face” businesses are getting more and more strapped for time. They have more competition, more over-regulation, and less appreciation from the rest of us.

But “high-touch” takes time. Small business owners don’t have much of it, and neither do their staff. So-called “solopreneurs” don’t even have a staff. Sadly, much of their focus goes to time-wasting “Groundhog Day” type conversations (yes, I’m referencing that 90’s movie in which Bill Murray lives the same toilsome day again and again).

Good news – it doesn’t have to be this way, no matter how small one’s business is.

Fortunately business owners can take back some of that time – by identifying frequent time-wasting, redundant, or draining interactions, and leveraging just a little DIY technology. If you have a smartphone, and if you’ve identified a redundant conversation, you can prepackage (record) your part of the interaction. Recording that little conversational nugget might just be a first step to saving more time than you imagined.

As you’ve seen, video is big. And it’s getting bigger. Instead of just being reserved for big business, top-quality video is being democratized for the little guys. Small businesses have several options to use video and a lot of research is focused on the marketing aspect.

But as important as good marketing video is, I think it’s even more important to explore some DIY (do-it-yourself) time-saving options that are easy, quick and won’t inconvenience people. Because some simple uses of video can put otherwise wasted time right back into the pocket of small business owners and their staff.

I’ve put some ideas together in this playlist, with the hope that more people will lower their workweek significantly. Of course, I can’t promise you a 40 hour workweek. But as you identify repeat conversations as package-able content you’re a step closer to investing your focus in much higher impact activities.

So keep working *on* your business instead of *in* your business – or share these tips with a busy face-to-face professional you see today!