S0E4 – The Process: a Fun Fast Simple System for Content Creation

Welcome to Season 0 Episode 4 of the Content Podcast. If you’re busy, if you’re already growing your personal tribe, and if you’re looking for systems and solutions to help you create great content – without getting stuck – you’ve found the right place.

In this episode Nathan talks about The Process that he uses to quickly create demand for his content as well as how he creates the content itself.

PT Barnum famously said “if you build it they will come”. As anyone who has labored months, years, and in some cases decades to finish their book can tell you, this statement is not necessarily true. Nathan created The Process after 10 years of trial and error, authoring books, building tribes, and learning what works best for tribe builders.

Before you create your masterpiece – be it a book, a podcast, a blog, a product – you must first sell your masterpiece. The marketing process does not have to be difficult. Especially when you invest your best effort to share your enthusiasm first. A growing audience who shares your passion for your soon-created product will propel you toward your goals.

Nathan shares the five steps to The Process and how you benefit from growing your tribe as you build your content, products, and courses.

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