S0E5 – Get Sales Not Jibba Jabba

Welcome to Season 0 Episode 5 of the Content Podcast. If you’re busy, if you’re already growing your personal tribe, and if you’re looking for systems and solutions to help you create great content – without getting stuck – you’ve found the right place.

In this episode Nathan talks about the alternative to sales (80s icon Mr. T refers to this as jibba jabba) and how to stop fools from wasting your time.

In the platform building world, there are 2 types of people. Clients and Fools. Clients are those folks who see their need and pay you to help solve it. Fools see the need but won’t pay to solve it. They bring Pain instead of Pay. Because they waste your time with jibba jabba when they should be signing up and paying up. Because they won’t Pay, both you and they will experience Pain. Not only won’t you be able to help them, they will also suffer the painful consequences of being a fool.

(Note: in the event that you haven’t quickly and effectively communicated your value to potential clients, then they are NOT the fool. You are. So be sure that’s not the case for you.)

Nathan explains how the combination of a strong personal brand and the right type of social engagement will help you land deals with the right people. And help you avoid the fools who will waste your time with jibba jabba.

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