S0E9 – 2 Types Of Brands & How to Be The Right One

Welcome to Season 0 Episode 9 of the Content Podcast. If you’re busy, if you’re already growing your personal tribe, and if you’re looking for systems and solutions to help you create great content – without getting stuck – you’ve found the right place.

In this episode Nathan talks about how to avoid Posers and get more. Referrals.

Growing up in the 1980s, I enjoyed skateboarding down the street, down the hills and on ramps. But you had to wear the right clothes shoes and gear. Or else you were – eek – a “Poser”.

Nathan recalls 9 referrals that others attempted to give him and none of which landed. The cost of not doing business was high, and the value he gained from realizing why they didn’t buy will help you make much more money.

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